Massage, as one of the techniques of therapeutic treatments, was already used in the ancient times. The therapeutic massage was used for the first time in China and India – around the 4th century BC. This treatment was a natural health method. Moreover, its beneficial impact on the entire human body was observed by the Greeks. Their tradition was to massage athletes before the Olympic Games.

Massage Gdańsk - masażOver the centuries, specialists have conducted researches and observations concerning the positive effects of massage among sick patients, people after accidents, during convalescence, as well as among healthy people for preventive purposes. The therapeutic power of touch during the massage causes that we feel relaxed and rested after this treatment. It works well in stress relief, as well as in order to treat both physical and emotional discomforts.

Massage is a therapy that uses techniques of stroking, kneading, spreading and slapping. This is a very pleasant form of touch, which also has analgesic effect. Appropriate selection of the massage method, the movement of hands in accordance with the physiology of the body, force of pressure, its tempo, as well as the atmosphere during the treatment affect its effects, and above all – affect the type of activity performed. We can distinguish the following types of massage: relaxing, therapeutic, sensual, preventive, etc.

The salutary effect of massage can be felt all over the body. The touch perceived on our body during the treatment results in the increase of blood flow in muscles. This has a beneficial impact on heaty and kidney function. Skin becomes more firm, it is better oxygenated and supplied with blood. Moreover, metabolism intensifies. Muscles increase their ability to work and also to regenerate. Furthermore, all tissues and organs in the human body are stimulated.

Massage Gdańsk - masażThis is also a pleasure for our spirit. Properly performed massage can stimulate the nervous system (more efficient brain work, as well as putting it into a state of positive vibrations) or its sedation (state of rest and relaxation).

All services provided in our salon are carried out by qualified personnel. The aim of this staff is to move you to the land of delight, rest and relaxation. Our masseuses, who are endowed with outstanding beauty, invite men, as well as couples, who want to experience something extraordinary together. We guarantee full professionalism, discretion and satisfaction with our services.

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